Alsace Wine


A very small amount of light and fruity Pinot Noir is produced in Alsace but its real gift is in whites. So, if white wine is your flavor, consider a dry or sweet wine from this region. Alsace is the benchmark for aromatic and spicy white wines. Some of its specialties are popular favorites, including Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc.


alsace wine

The Alsace wine region lies in the northeast corner of France and is separated from the German border by the Rhine River. Once part of Germany until reverting back to France after World War I, Alsace is sometimes confused to be German. The main difference though in German and Alsace wines is that Alsace wines are dry instead of sweet. Alsace is not really broken up into districts therefore most of the wines here are simply named after the grape’s name.

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The grapes of Alsace are fermented to be rich, bold, and dry wines — the majority of them white and savory.


Such a great dry, the Riesling grape is characteristic of most Alsace wines — delicate, fruity, well balanced. Its bone-dry elegance invigorates one of the more affordable of the Alsatian white wines. This should not be confused with Germany’s sweet Rieslings.


Pronounced geh-VAIRTZ-trah-meener, the Gewürztraminer grape wines take on a few personalities: the dry, the sweet, the spicy or even all three at once. Its low acidity and high alcohol levels may play a trick on your palate. In the end, you’ll love its variety when it seduces you with its wonderful aroma, mild fruitiness and a starlight finish.

Pinot Gris

Sometimes referred to as Tokay-Pinot Gris, this grape is second only to Gewürztraminer in spiciness. It is rich, full bodied, and low in acidity, but high in alcohol. It takes on more of an earthy tone with touches of honey. Overall, this grape has a lot of character.


A late bloomer and a tough grow, the Sylvaner grape is produced mostly in the northern region of Alsace. Its juice produces a pleasant, fresh, mild, albeit subtly fruity, white wine.

Various Alsace Producers

Lucien Albrecht Francois Baur
Jean Becker Leon Beyer
Boeckel Bott Freres
Bott-Geyl Marcel Deiss
Dopff and Irion Dopff au Moulin
Rolly Gassmann Jerome Geschickt
Hartweg Zind Humbrecht
Hugel Josmeyer
Cave Vinicole de Kientzheim-Kayersberg Marc Kreydenweiss
Kuentz-Bas Gustave Lorentz
Arthur Metz Julien Meyer
Rene Mure Pfaffenheim
Riefle Francois Schwach
Schlegel Boeglin Domaines Schlumberger
Pierre Sparr Trimbach

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