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Beer Kegerator: Draft Beer Systems

Beer Kegerator

So what is a kegerator and why would you want one? Uhhh, why wouldn’t you want one is more like it! A kegerator is a draft beer system that dispenses liquid gold at the whims of the beer master (that’s you) in the comfort of your own home! No, this is not fantasy land, you …

Beer Brewing Equipment

22 oz. Returnable Grade Bottles beer

Whether you buy a beer making kit or prefer to buy your beer brewing equipment separately, here is some of the equipment you will need. Some items may not be absolutely necessary, but they are convenient and worthy of mentioning. Below are descriptions of the various equipment used in brewing beer, if you are interested …



READING BETWEEN THE WINES: Australia is another wine producing country known for its great taste and combined value. While the Aussies whip up several Old World specialties, they always deliver New World charm, style, and unmatched regional character. Australia is best worshipped for its feisty, spice-full Shiraz. Not far behind are its oaky Chardonnays, sweet …