If You Love Great Beer

Why Become a Beer Snob?

The title “beer snob” almost seems to be a contradiction, but I disagree. More and more people are waking up to the fact that there are high quality beers that are intended to be enjoyed, not guzzled.

In my opinion, being a beer snob is not about thinking you’re better than someone else just because you happen to know more about a particular subject. It is simply being passionate about something. It is being able to appreciate and identify quality. It is taking time out of this fast paced, stressful life, to stop and smell the roses (I mean hops)!

Great beer is a luxury that anyone can afford. Why not take a little time to learn about a drink that most people drink so watered down that you can’t even taste it.

So go ahead, become a snob. The world could use a bit more passion in it. If you don’t think you really like the taste of beer, try some of the different styles. You’ll be surprised at the differences among them.

Sit back, and relax as I help you learn about the different beer types and how to brew them.

One more thing, a beer snob is always responsible and knows that too much of a good thing ruins a good thing.

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